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The hidden root cause of your relationship challenges and the key mindset shifts you must make to create lasting intimacy. 
The 6 ‘relationship killers’ that must be addressed before they damage your connection for good.
Practical step by step tools to masterfully overcome triggers in challenging situations and keep your cool, even if your partner is "losing their sh*t."
Lee Noto & Ani manian
Intimacy Coaches & Psychedelic Therapists
about your Guides
Ani & Lee are Intimacy Coaches, Psychedelic Therapists, partners in life and run three businesses together.

Their mission in the world is to awaken humanity into a new paradigm for conscious relationships that combine deep safety, commitment, presence, expression with untamed passion, desire and intimacy - a true Power Couple partnership.

They’re the founders of Untamed Intimacy, a company whose mission is to support individuals and couples to create deeply connected, passionate love.

Together, they’ve helped hundreds of individuals & couples heal the wounds of the past and open their hearts, so they can create the deep love they’ve always longed for.

They believe that when powerful people courageously lead with their hearts,  they can give and receive deep love, while fulfilling their life's purpose.

Their not-so-secret dream is to help others create the kind of Power Couple Partnerships that inspire and change the world! 

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